Friday, January 21, 2011

Dreamin' Of Spring

Ok, enough with the winter wonderland, we want to get out and work in our gardens! 
After the holidays, there is an excruciating lull before springtime, and you need something to fill the void!  I have two hobbies- gardening and baking- so you can guess what I do when I am stuck in the house for extended periods of time.  Well, baking cookies and watching movies is fine for awhile, but if I want to fit into my jeans this spring, I better get off the couch and do something more productive (and non-fattening!)  I love to look through my gardening books and see what new plants I might want to try out this year, or how I could re-design an area to make it more low maintenance.  One thing I do know from my early gardening years  is: avoid the temptation to go out and randomly buy a plant and stick it in your yard—you’ll save a lot of money and headache in the long run if you have a plan to work from!
I have plenty of time now to work on landscape designs, whether it is the entire yard or just a ‘problem area’.  I’d like to hear from some other desperate souls who need something to chew on until spring planting time.
Here’s the motivation:  the first person to set up a design appointment will get a 20% discounton their design!  The next 5 people will get a 15% discount. 
My e-mail is:   I look forward to helping you!
Lisa Denison
Landscape Designer
Georgia Certified Plant Professional

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  1. I can't wait to see all the wonderful spring hanging baskets!! They are my favorite!!!